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VivaSlim – Effective Ingredients? Scam Drops Side Effects

VivaSlim is a new weight-loss product that comes in the form of a liquid and comes with a dropper. The product promises that its organic, clean, and healthy components can help you lose weight.

It is not only a weight-loss pill, but it also controls your hunger, maintains a healthy cholesterol level, boosts your metabolism, and much more. Moreover, many consumers who have used the VivaSlim product attest to its effectiveness.

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Would you wish to improve your life by reducing weight around your midsection?

Are you seeking a safe weight-loss supplement?

Obesity is defined as extra fat that persists in the body and alters your physical form, as well as being harmful to your health. People exercise, eat a strict diet, and use weight reduction medications, but they do not lose weight because these methods do not address the fundamental cause of obesity, which destroys their health.

VivaSlim, on the other hand, is a liquid-based supplement that addresses the core cause of weight gain and helps to reduce weight and the risk of a variety of health problems.

However, if you want to learn more about this supplement, keep reading to the end of our VivaSlim review.


The VivaSlim is a dietary supplement that contains natural, pure, and 11 plant-based extracts in a liquid form with a dropper. The supplement’s components aid in weight loss and provide a variety of health advantages.

This supplement includes helpful components that help you lose weight healthily with only one drop. You must take it three times a day with water to lose weight and keep your hormones in check. It increases your metabolism while simultaneously lowering your appetite.

The supplement is made in an FDA-approved facility that follows stringent criteria, and the supplement’s quality remains unaffected. This product is made by the firm to give you safe outcomes from high-quality components.

VivaSlim is a natural-ingredient-based solution used by West Africans to treat obesity and stress hormones. It also prevents you from gaining weight and ensures that your results stay.

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Product Name VivaSlim
Health Benefits Help to stay fit and healthy by eliminating unwanted body fats
Ingredient Irvingia Gabonensis, Maca, Beta-Alanine and much more
Manufacturing Country USA
Product Features GMO-freeFDA and GMP-certified
Category Weight Loss Solution
Dosage 3 times a day ( 10 Drops into 3 )
Result 2-3 Months
Side Effects No major side effects reported
Quantity 60 ml
Price $31 ( Check For Discounted Price )
Multi-Pack 1 bottle, 3 bottles, 6 bottles
Availability Only through the official website
Official Website Click Here

How Does VivaSlim Work

Many individuals use different methods to lose weight, such as workouts, diet programs, and weight reduction medications, but many are unable to achieve their goals. As a result, it’s critical to understand your core reason, which leads to fat deposits and prevents you from losing weight despite your efforts.

Nutritional deficiencies, a weakened metabolic system, stress hormones, and low adiponectin levels all contribute to weight gain. As a consequence, your body’s fat cells spread slowly and regularly consume fat.

As it maintains your metabolism robust, keeps your cholesterol under control, and creates adiponectin, the supplement addresses and cures your underlying reasons. It controls your body and adipose tissues, which are important for weight loss.

In addition, the VivaSlim supplement contains all-natural, plant-based components to cure adiponectin hormone insufficiency and release fat tissues. As a result, the supplement is effective in increasing adiponectin levels, which is an important element of weight loss.

The ingredient Irvingia Gabonensis, often known as African mango, is used by VivaSlim to accomplish this purpose. The component helps the body to send signals to the organ, causing it to release excess fat that has accumulated in various parts of the body. You may keep your body from gaining weight and preserve your body form with the aid of this technique. In a nutshell, this pill slims and strengthens your physique.

Last but not least, the pill boosts your appetite, boosts your metabolism, and helps you maintain a healthy cholesterol level.

To get the most out of this supplement, you must take three drops three times a day. The VivaSlim mixture will lift your spirits, control your blood sugar and cholesterol levels, prevent you from overeating, and boost your metabolism.

You may also read VivaSlim reviews to see how other people have used VivaSlim to lose weight.

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VivaSlim Scientific Evidence

The components in the VivaSlim recipe assist to strengthen your metabolism and aid in fat burning. It also detoxifies your body, helps you lose weight, prevents weight growth, and slims your physique.

It contains chemicals that help the body release fat from various fat-storing areas. As a consequence, it will enhance both your physical and emotional health.

Furthermore, taking the right amount of VivaSlim components can help you lose weight while also controlling your sugar levels, lowering your BMI, improving your mental health, and balancing your sugar and cholesterol levels.

VivaSlim Manufacturer

Simple Promise is the business behind VivaSlim. According to the firm, the product is created after passing a series of tests and contains clean, safe, and effective components.

The business further says that the VivaSlim supplement is manufactured in a GMP-certified facility and that the supplement’s quality has not been compromised. In addition, the supplement contains components that are both safe and natural, as stated on the supplement label.

SimplePromise also claims to offer free shipping anywhere in the globe, as well as a money-back guarantee. It also provides hundreds of good testimonials from people who have tried it and gotten amazing results.

As a result, VivaSlim is a completely legitimate product that you may purchase to better your life.

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VivaSlim Ingredients

The VivaSlim supplement contains natural, pure, and healthy components. The following list will demonstrate how efficient and useful this supplement is in terms of weight loss. The supplement is genuine and effective.

This supplement is a natural dietary supplement that aids in weight loss while also safeguarding your general health. The supplement’s components are derived from an old African tribes’ practice of using them to cure obesity and a variety of other health problems.

The vitamin is completely natural and pure. The VivaSlim label will list all of the components in detail. The supplement’s finest feature is that it specifies the amount of each component in the supplement.

Some of the components in the VivaSlim supplement are as follows:


The herb boosts your workout performance and enhances your insulin sensitivity while also protecting your brain function. This component is included in VivaSlim because it protects you against mental health problems such as anxiety, headaches, and depression.


Niacin is a healthy element that supports your body’s functioning. It will boost your adiponectin levels and reduce inflammation. It works wonders for lowering blood pressure and keeping your brain in good shape.


It cleanses your body of toxins and impurities and aids fat burning. It also gives you more energy and keeps you active.


The plant has anti-inflammatory and anti-aging effects that have been utilized by the Chinese for many years. It helps to boost your immune system and maintain your functions functioning.

Seeds of Irvingia Gabonensis

This is the most essential element in VivaSlim since it is primarily used to lose weight and speed up metabolism. It also releases fat cells from your body’s fat stores. It also keeps your blood pressure and blood sugar levels in check.


It’s an essential amino acid that keeps your health in check and your BMI in check. It also helps you to avoid brain fog and enhances your mental wellness.

Extract of Maca

It’s a nutrient-dense plant extract that aids digestion and metabolism. It also enhances the health of your organs and increases your energy, mood, and mental well-being.

In addition to these substances, VivaSlim contains three amino acids:


L-arginine is an essential amino acid that assists in the acceleration of metabolism and fat burning. As a result, with the aid of this amino acid, you can lose weight and melt fat.


It’s an essential amino acid that helps you age gracefully and protects you from heart disease. It also aids in weight loss and keeps you from becoming obese.


This extremely effective amino acid aids with weight loss. It also strengthens your immune system and helps your digestive system, as well as improving your insulin sensitivity.

The VivaSlim supplement contains all-natural components that provide a variety of health advantages and aid in weight loss. These substances help you lose weight by addressing the core problem and providing long-term effects. VivaSlim is a supplement composed entirely of natural components that are non-addictive and free of chemicals.

It also contains potent nutrients that can assist you in losing weight and maintaining your health. VivaSlim is an effective supplement, according to user evaluations.

Do you want to reduce weight healthily? This is the finest vitamin for you.

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How To Use VivaSlim ? Dosage

Natural and pure sources of nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and proteins make up VivaSlim. You only need to take three drops three times a day before meals. There are no toxins, additives, or hazardous ingredients in VivaSlim. Simply said, two drops of a formula beneath your tongue in the morning and evening will enough.

If you take it as directed regularly, you will gradually see benefits and reduce weight. According to the official website, you should mix ten drops in a glass of water and drink it three times a day.

It aids in the improvement of your health as well as the burning of fat deposits around your stomach and other regions of your body.

Benefits And Side Effects of VivaSlim 

The components in VivaSlim are good for losing weight swiftly and showing results immediately. It also aids in the removal of excess fat from the body and maintains a healthy metabolism.

As a result, you will not only lose weight but also enhance your entire health with the aid of VivaSlim. Following are some of the advantages of utilizing the VivaSlim supplement.

VivaSlim Benefits

VivaSlim Side Effects & Drawbacks

Is Vivaslim Effective? 

The components in the VivaSlim supplement are excellent for weight loss and fat burning. It is beneficial to those who wish to reduce weight without experiencing any negative side effects while also improving their overall health. African mango is a weight-loss component that has been studied and is commonly seen in supplements.

The supplement also contains three helpful amino acids, l-glutamine, l-ornithine, and l-arginine, which aid weight reduction by increasing metabolism and digestion. It also contains a maca root extract, which is a great component for boosting metabolic rate.

VivaSlim Reviews

According to VivaSlim customer reviews, this weight reduction pill is effective in losing weight rapidly. Furthermore, it is an effective fat-burning pill that helps you maintain a trim and attractive physique.

Many previous VivaSlim reviews said that it is an excellent product that aids in weight reduction without causing any adverse effects. Furthermore, when eaten as directed, it produces excellent and quick effects.

Any weight reduction supplement’s efficacy is determined by four major characteristics:

Because VivaSlim satisfies all four criteria, it is popular among consumers. Furthermore, the supplement aids a large number of people who are looking to lose weight rapidly.

The following are some VivaSlim reviews:

“I’ve been using VivaSlim for a few months now, and my undesirable cravings have vanished.”

“I’m using VivaSlim as a supplement and following the Keto Diet, and I’ve dropped 8 pounds in 15 days.” 

“VivaSlim assisted me in losing weight and giving me a thin physique.”

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VivaSlim Cost

VivaSlim is a reasonably priced product. It is, nevertheless, accessible at a reasonable cost. If you purchase in quantity, you can also save money. It also comes with a money-back guarantee and free shipping. VivaSlim is normally $89, however, it is available at a significant discount.

You may only get it from its official website; do not purchase it from any other online store because there are several copies on the market. You can get a terrific deal if you buy it from the company’s official website.

VivaSlim is available in a variety of packages, as follows:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Does VivaSlim Have Any Complaints?  

No, it’s a completely natural and safe supplement. There haven’t been any complaints yet, and it’s a completely safe supplement to take because it doesn’t include any dangerous chemicals.

Where Can You Buy VivaSlim Supplement? 

It is reasonably priced, and you can get a variety of packages from its official website, which includes a money-back guarantee and free shipping.

How To Use The VivaSlim Supplement?  

To use VivaSlim, mix ten drops in a glass of water or juice and drink it three times a day.

VivaSlim Drops – Is VivaSlim Worth it? 

VivaSlim is a weight-loss pill that takes a novel method. It eliminates fat deposits in your body, which is the underlying cause of weight growth. It also raises fat-burning hormones and the metabolic rate.

After speaking with past customers, our staff has concluded that VivaSlim is an excellent weight reduction pill. As a result, we advise those who wish to reduce weight rapidly and enhance their general health to use the VivaSlim supplement.

We don’t want you to think of this pill as a miracle weight-loss solution, since it isn’t. VivaSlim was 100 percent effective for individuals who used it in conjunction with a healthy diet.

Reduce stress and sleep well for the greatest outcomes. There are no negative effects with VivaSlim, and you may obtain a refund if you don’t see results.

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